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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the right list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
389-announce Announcements for the 389 Directory server project
389-commits List of git/CVS commits to the 389 Directory server project
389-devel 389 Directory server developer discussion.
389-users General discussion list for the 389 Directory server project.
Ada Fedora Ada SIG
ambassadors [no description available]
ambassadors-it [no description available]
announce Announcements related to the Fedora Project
ANZ Fedora Australia & New Zealand
argentina Fedora Argentina
arm Discussions about the Fedora ARM Project
arm-builds [no description available]
astronomy [no description available]
badges Discussion of the Open Badges Infrastructure
bangladesh-users Fedora Bangladesh Discussion List
bigdata Fedora Big Data SIG
br-users Lista de discusso voltada para os usurios brasileiros do Fedora
brasil-marketing Lista dos embaixadores brasileiros do Projeto Fedora
buildsys Discussion of Fedora build system
Campus-ambassadors [no description available]
Chinese Fedora Chinese
classroom Fedora IRC Classroom discussion and feedback list
cloud Fedora Cloud SIG
council-discuss Discussions with the Fedora Council and community
council-private Fedora Council discussion of sensitive issues
cwg [no description available]
cwg-private Community Working Group
de-users Fedora discussions in German
design-devel Bring design software to Fedora Design Team
design-team Fedora Design Team
design-team-tickets [no description available]
desktop Discussions about development for the Fedora desktop
devassistant General DevAssistant discussion
devel Development discussions related to Fedora
devel-announce Announcements for Fedora Developers
diversity [no description available]
doc-fol [no description available]
docs For participants of the Documentation Project
docs-commits For tracking commits to Docs Project owned modules
docs-qa Fedora Docs QA list
drupal-devel Fedora Drupal development team
eclipse-commits [no description available]
eclipse-packager-devel Eclipse Fedora Packager Development List
eclipse-sig Eclipse Special Interest Group
education Fedora Education Initiative
el-users The mailing list of the greek Fedora community
electronic-lab Discussion about features of Free Electronic Lab and opensource EDA software.
Embajadores-fedora-latam Latin American Fedora Ambassadors
eng-service [no description available]
env-and-stacks Fedora Environment and Stacks Working Group mailing list
epel-announce Announcements for EPEL users
epel-devel EPEL Development List
epel-package-announce EPEL package announcements
epel-users A list for users of the EPEL project packages
erlang [no description available]
es-users Fedora discussions in Spanish
Fa-community Persian Community فارسی
fama-mentors FAmA Mentors
famsco Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee
fedora-join To help people looking to contribute to Fedora get started!
fedoramagazine-tips [no description available]
firehose-devel Static Analysis results format
flock-attendees-2013 A list containing pre-registered Flock 2013 Attendees
flock-attendees-2014 A list containing pre-registered Flock 2014 attendees.
flock-attendees-2015 [no description available]
flock-planning Planning discussion for Flock (Fedora Contributor Conference)
flock-speakers-2014 [no description available]
flock-speakers-2015 [no description available]
flockinfo Information about Flock (The Fedora Developer Conference)
fltg Fedora Language Testing Group
fonts Discussions on fonts and other Fedora text rendering components
fonts-bugs Automated issue tracking on fonts and other Fedora text rendering components
fr-users [no description available]
freemedia [no description available]
freemedia-trac [Fedora-freemedia-trac-list]
fudcon-planning FUDCon/FAD planning group
games Fedora Games
glibc [no description available]
golang [no description available]
grid-computing Grid Computing Special Interest Group
haskell Fedora Haskell discussion list
haskell-devel Fedora Haskell SIG bugzilla mail
he-users Fedora Hebrew discussions
hu-users Hungarian users and contributors list
i18n Fedora internationalization discussions
i18n-bugs Fedora Internationalization bugs list
icaro Fedora Icaro Project List
id-community Komunitas Fedora Indonesia
india [no description available]
infrastructure Fedora Infrastructure
irc-support-sig List for the IRC support SIG
isv-sig [no description available]
it-users Italian users and contributors list
java-devel Discussion list for java related Fedora development
java-sig-commits Commits message from the Fedora Java SIG
kde KDE on Fedora discussion
kernel Fedora kernel development.
kexec List for discussing kexec/kdump issues in Fedora
keysigning-self2015 [no description available]
kmod-maint [no description available]
laptop Laptop related things
lb-users Fedora Lebanon users' mailing list
legal [no description available]
lk-users Fedora Sri Lanka Community | Fedora ශ්‍රී ලාංකා ප්‍රජාව
logistics [no description available]
lxde Fedora LXDE users and developers
magazine Magazine Mailing List
malaysian-users Fedora Malaysia
marketing Fedora Marketing team
marketing-poland List of Fedora marketing in Poland
meetingminutes Minutes from Fedora Project meetings
mentors Mailing list for Fedora project mentors
messaging-sig [no description available]
mingw Fedora MinGW (Windows cross-compiler) project
mips This is the mailinglist for the Fedora port to the MIPS architecture.
ml Fedora Machine Learning SIG
mobility INACTIVE (Fedora Mini SIG for Fedora on small devices)
mono [no description available]
music [no description available]
mutt-kz mutt fork
nodejs Node.js on Fedora
ocaml-devel Fedora OCaml list
olpc [no description available]
outreach Coordination of Fedora's outreach efforts
package-announce Fedora Package Announcements
package-review Fedora Package Reviews
packaging Discussion of RPM packaging standards and practices for Fedora
Pakistan Fedora Pakistan.
panama-community Lista de correos de la comunidad Linux Fedora Panam
perl-devel Fedora perl development team
perl-maint Perl pseudo user for bugzilla
peru-users [no description available]
php-devel Fedora PHP development team
power-management Fedora Power Management SIG mailing list
ppc Discussion for Fedora on PowerPC hardware
ppc-builds [no description available]
python-devel Fedora Python SIG
python-sig [no description available]
qa-devel Fedora QA Development
r-devel [no description available]
rel-eng Discussion list for Fedora Release Engineering
releng-cron mailing list for releng cron task output
relicensing [no description available]
relnotes-content Raw content for release notes and docs flows into this mailing list.
remixes Colloboration and help with Fedora Remixes
robotics Fedora Robotics SIG
ru-users Fedora discussions in Russian / Обсуждения на русском языке
ruby-sig Ruby SIG mailing list
s390-builds [no description available]
s390x [no description available]
scitech The Science and Technology Special Interest Group mailing list.
scm-commits Fedora SCM commits
secondary Discussion Around Secondary Architectures for Fedora
security Public discussions about Fedora Related security issues
security-team Fedora Security Team
selinux Fedora SELinux support list for users & developers.
server [no description available]
singapore [no description available]
sparc [no description available]
sparc-builds Fedora SPARC Build Results.
spins The Spin Special Interest Group mailing list
sscg Source String Contextualizing Group
storage-sig [no description available]
sugar-dev [no description available]
summer-coding Summer Coding SIG - open list
summer-coding-discuss Summer Coding SIG - Mentors only list
summit-planning [no description available]
tamil-users Fedora Tamil Discussion List
test For testing and quality assurance of Fedora releases
test-announce announcing important testing related events
trans Fedora Translation Project List
trans-ar Arabic Translation Team for Fedora
trans-az Fedora Translators into Azeri
trans-bal Balochi Fedora Team
trans-bg Bulgarian L10n community
trans-bn_in Mailing List for Fedora Bengali India Translation Community
trans-bo Mailing list for Tibetan Fedora Translation process
trans-fa [no description available]
trans-fr Mailing list for French Fedora Translation process
trans-gn Grupo de Traductores Fedora Guaraní
trans-hi [no description available]
trans-ia [no description available]
trans-id [no description available]
trans-it Traduzioni in Italiano Fedora
trans-ja Fedora translation discussion in Japanese
trans-ka [no description available]
trans-km [no description available]
trans-ko [no description available]
trans-pt Localizao do Fedora para Portugus Europeu
trans-pt_br Traduo do Fedora para portugus do Brasil
trans-ru Fedora
trans-si Discussions about fedora localization into Sinhala language.
trans-sk [no description available]
trans-sl [no description available]
trans-sr Fedora Serbian translators team
trans-te [no description available]
trans-uk [no description available]
trans-urdu Fedora Urdu Translator's Mailing List
trans-zanata-admin [no description available]
trans-zh_cn Fedora Translation Project - Simplified Chinese Group
uk-ambassadors [no description available]
users Community support for Fedora users
virt [no description available]
virt-maint This list receives bugzilla email for all Fedora virtualization related bugs.
vn-community Fedora Linux local community in Vietnam
voip [no description available]
websites For maintainers and developers of all formal Fedora websites.
wiki Moderate traffic list for contributors collaborating with the wiki
women List for discussion among the women of Fedora
women-outreach [no description available]
xen About using Xen with Fedora
xfce Fedora Xfce users and developers
zarafa Community support and discussions about Zarafa Open Source Collaboration
zarafa-announce Announcements and notifications for the Zarafa Open Source Collaboration

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