[389-commits] Changes to 'refs/tags/winsync-1.1.4'

Richard Allen Megginson rmeggins at fedoraproject.org
Wed May 12 13:05:03 UTC 2010

Changes since the dawn of time:
David Boreham (17):
      Merge over new code: fractional replication, wan replication and windows sync plus associated UI
      Merge password sync code from Bozeman Pass
      Change password sync copyright notices, merge fixes to password sync code
      Fix instability in re-try and backoff mechanism
      Add new NT4 LDAP Service, used by windows sync
      Fix handling of group membership, fix installer GUID, fix handling of entry description
      Change GUID for installer
      Fix display names in pass sync to say Fedora
      Fix display name to say Fedora...
      Fix various bad memory free bugs
      Merge fixes over
      Fixes for memory leaks in ntds
      Patches we apply to apache ds 0.9
      Update packaging for ntds
      Fix ntds installer to allow repair and removal
      Memory Leak Fixes for Apache DS
      Fix for #157895 : logon hours doesn't work

Nathan Kinder (21):
      Copyright updates
      155068 - Added license to source files
      Fixed licensing typo
      Fix search scope for AD password sync - 159037
      170321 - Increase winsync version to 1.0.1
      170328 - Fixed modify type installation so it actually updates the registry
      170558 - Add certutil, pk12util and missing dlls to PassSync.msi
      170558 - Add certutil, pk12util and missing dlls to PassSync.msi
      170135 - Improved passsync logging facilities
      170556 - Make passsync obey backoff for retries when DS is down
      170816 - Don't consume password changes if modify fails
      170071 - Automatically add grouptype for new groups being synchd to NT4
      Initial drop of new stand-alone winsync build-system
      Changed unix style line endings to DOS style for nmake makefiles
      Remove carriage returns from nmake makefiles
      Initial checkin of stand-alone winsync build-system
      186765 - Fixed memory leaks in passsync service
      186171 - Fixed memory leaks in passhook.dll
      186657 - Implemented locking around passhook data file access
      Related: 490048
      Related: 490048

Rich Megginson (12):
      Resolves: bug 471408
      Resolves: bug 482892
      Resolves: bug 426421 245630 476095
      remove internal paths ; use new improved unzip.vbs
      Resolves: Bug 482892
      Resolves: bug 482892
      Resolves: bug 490048
      rename to 389
      Add support for Windows 2008, VC 9, 64-bit and 32-bit
      Allow install to continue if service fails
      Fix install issues on 2008 - bump version to 1.1.3
      use nspr 4.8.4 and nss 3.12.6 - bump version to 1.1.4

Thomas Lackey (3):
      Add makefile and component information to build the Apache DS for User Sync
      Add installer icons.
      Modify NTDS and PassSync to build in the 'built' directory.

unknown (4):
      handle 32-bit and 64-bit ldapcsdk with different dates
      Add VC runtime merge module - Add migration
      Remove files on uninstall - allow install to continue if service doesn't start
      Allow BRAND with spaces - remove CANDLE.EXE tracing

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