[Fedora-directory-devel] [Fedora Directory Server] Replacing an attributeTypes in cn: schema

Richard Megginson rmeggins at redhat.com
Thu May 10 16:20:55 UTC 2007

Eugenia Candida Oliveira de Moura wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to make a replace of one objectClasses in schema, but he is 
> giving error trying to add ldif below:
> dn: cn=schema
> changetype: modify
> replace: objectclasses
> objectclasses: (2.16.840.1.113730.3.2.10006 "objectoTeste" NAME DESC 
> "first test" SUP top MUST cn MAY)
This command means that you want to replace all objectclasses in the 
server with this one value.  The server will now allow that.  You need 
to use add instead of replace.
> Error: ldap_modify: additional info: objectClasses: Replace is not 
> allowed on the subschema subentry
> How correct this error? Replace in an objectClasses of cn:schema is 
> possivel really to make one.
> Thanks,
> Eugênia.
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