[Fedora-directory-users] Binaries to fix memory leak for RHEL4 x86_64

David Bogen david.bogen at icecube.wisc.edu
Mon Aug 21 21:50:37 UTC 2006

The bug report cited in the "leak" thread mentioned this:

'Unfortunately, this will "break" RPM if the files are replaced.  So,
please be careful and keep the backups of the files and run your test.'

The files that I got from your last e-mail do seem to help the situation
(according to preliminary results) on a test system, but now I'm
concerned about what sort of obstacles I've created for future upgrades.

Will future RPMs give me trouble because I've replaced these files?  Or,
do I need to keep my backups of the originals around forever and
remember to replace the originals before applying future upgrades?


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