[Fedora-directory-users] rpm -e behavior

Rob Crittenden rcritten at redhat.com
Wed Jul 18 15:11:25 UTC 2007

Steve Rigler wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-07-18 at 08:49 -0600, Richard Megginson wrote:
>> Chris St. Pierre wrote:
>>> On Wed, 18 Jul 2007, Steve Rigler wrote:
>>>> Personally, I prefer "rpm -e" to remove only the files that were
>>>> originally installed by the package.
>>> I'll second that.
>> Ok.  The way Fedora DS works with respect to RPM install is a little 
>> different than OpenLDAP or other similar server software packages.  With 
>> those, you generally get some of the configuration for your "instance" 
>> with the RPM package (there is usually only the one instance, and if you 
>> want to run another server, you have to manually configure it 
>> yourself).  With Fedora DS, there are no instance specific 
>> files/directories in the RPM.  You have to run the setup command to 
>> create these, and this will create the following directories:
>> /etc/fedora-ds/slapd-instance - contains dse.ldif and key and cert 
>> databases, pin.txt file, maybe the keytab as well
>> /usr/lib64/fedora-ds/slapd-instance - scripts like db2ldif, ldif2db, etc.
>> /var/lib/fedora-ds/slapd-instance - databases
>> /var/log/fedora-ds/slapd-instance - logs
>> /var/tmp/fedora-ds/slapd-instance - tmp files
>> /var/lock/fedora-ds/slapd-instance - lock files/dirs
>> So if you rpm -e, all of these will be left behind.  I don't know if 
>> that is expected or desired.
> That's fine for me.  It's actually good because when I'm testing a new
> piece of software I might reinstall it from scratch.  If it leaves some
> old files behind I can always go back and compare to a working install
> to see where I screwed up.

Certs and keys are particularly important to keep around because they 
may have a financial value if purchased from a CA like VeriSign.

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