[Fedora-directory-users] FDS 1.1 Transport endpoint is not connected

Richard Hesse richard at powerset.com
Tue Feb 12 18:44:52 UTC 2008

There's a load balancer acting as the client to the DS (proxying client requests). I think that's a red herring though. Any search requests sent directly to the DS, bypassing the LB, would fail. I think I even tried requests locally from the server and they still failed. I can't be sure about that last statement, it was a long day.

What about the network file descriptor is not connected error?



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Richard Hesse wrote:
> Started to play with FDS 1.1 for some dogfood testing. After running for 10-15 minutes, the server stopped responding to network requests and went silent. The process was running, the error log was updating with the ldbm event loop, but no socket requests were fulfilled. Checking the access log, I saw this:
> [12/Feb/2008:01:47:58 +0000] conn=71108 op=-1 fd=79 closed error 107 (Transport endpoint is not connected) - Network file descriptor is not connected.
> [12/Feb/2008:01:47:59 +0000] conn=71007 op=60 fd=69 closed - B4
> [12/Feb/2008:01:48:00 +0000] conn=71003 op=48 fd=68 closed - B4
> [12/Feb/2008:01:48:01 +0000] conn=71017 op=47 fd=72 closed - B4
> [12/Feb/2008:01:48:06 +0000] conn=71102 op=2 fd=66 closed - B4
> [12/Feb/2008:01:48:07 +0000] conn=71103 op=2 fd=70 closed - B4
> [12/Feb/2008:01:48:07 +0000] conn=71040 op=10 fd=76 closed - B4
> Any ideas or suggestions on how to approach troubleshooting this issue would be greatly appreciated.
B4 means SLAPD_DISCONNECT_BER_FLUSH - this usually means the client has reset or closed the connection while the server was attempting to send a response.


Do you have a firewall or some other network device?
> Thanks.
> -richard
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