[Fedora-directory-users] DSGW Unable to Authenticate

Rich Megginson rmeggins at redhat.com
Thu Apr 23 13:27:11 UTC 2009

Lev Dudko wrote:
>      Dear Experts,
>  probably I have the same problem. After the upgrade to new version of
> FDS 1.2 on Fedora 9 (standard repos upgrade), my DSGW stops authenticate
> users. All other FDS operations looks good and works (including
> Directory Express Tool). Search for users in DSGW works well, only the
> authentication is became failed after the upgrade. I still could not
> trace the problem in the log files and any advice will be helpful.  
>   The list of the packages:
> fedora-ds-graph-1.1.0-1.fc9.noarch
> fedora-ds-admin-1.1.7-3.fc9.x86_64
> fedora-ds-admin-console-1.1.3-1.fc9.noarch
> fedora-ds-base-1.2.0-2.fc9.x86_64
> fedora-ds-1.1.3-1.fc9.noarch
> fedora-ds-console-1.2.0-1.fc9.noarch
> fedora-ds-dsgw-1.1.2-1.fc9.x86_64
> adminutil-1.1.8-1.fc9.x86_64
>   The message from DSGW is the same as in original post. Before the
> upgrade, in previous version, DSGW works well and I did not change
> anything in configuration. 
Take a look at the admin server access log - see what requests are being 
made to the dsgw and what that http response is.

Also take a look at the directory server access log - see what 
connections and BIND attempts are being made, and what the response is.
>       Best regards,
>            Lev
> В Чтв, 23/04/2009 в 10:47 +0100, Peter Green пишет:
>> Hi,
>> I have recently set up FDS on CentOS 5.2 (i386), following the
>> installation instructions:
>> http://directory.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Install_Guide
>> I have also enabled SSL on the system:
>> http://directory.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Howto:SSL
>> I've also created a certificate DB and imported my CA certificate into
>> it, as per the instructions here:
>> http://directory.fedoraproject.org/wiki/DSGW
>> However, the DSGW is unable to authenticate me, displaying the following
>> error message: "Authentication failed because the server was unable to
>> generate authentication credentials. The authentication database could
>> not be opened."
>> The odd thing is that the Directory Server Express tool (which allows
>> users to edit their profile and change their password via a web page)
>> _can_ authenticate users.
>> I can't see anything useful output in the admin server logs
>> (/var/log/dirsrv/admin-serv/*), so I'm a bit stuck and not sure what
>> else to investigate.
>> I did pop onto the #fedora-ds IRC channel yesterday and was informed
>> that the DSGW component isn't used much. So, my next port of call is
>> this mailing list!
>> I really need some sort of web-based management tool for administering
>> users and groups, at a minimum. phpLDAPadmin has been suggested and I
>> notice a page on the FDS wiki for this, but I wondered if anyone could
>> assist with DSGW first? Otherwise, anybody have any pointers about using
>> phpLDAPadmin?
>> Thank you in advance,
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