[389-users] Fedora Management Console simply hangs when trying to create user

Rich Megginson rmeggins at redhat.com
Mon Feb 1 21:13:58 UTC 2010

Sean Carolan wrote:
>> Are you running 389-admin 1.1.10?
> This is what I have installed, all from the yum repo:
Which yum repo?  Note that all of the new 389 packages are in EPEL now - 
see http://directory.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Notes

389-admin-1.1.10 fixes a problem with SELinux support (quite possibly 
the one you had to turn off SELinux to get around).
> [root at fds dirsrv]# rpm -qa | grep 389
> 389-admin-console-1.1.4-1.el5
> 389-ds-1.1.3-4.el5
> 389-admin-console-doc-1.1.4-1.el5
> 389-ds-console-doc-1.2.0-4.el5
> 389-ds-console-1.2.0-4.el5
> 389-dsgw-1.1.4-1.el5
> 389-admin-1.1.8-4.el5
> 389-console-1.1.3-3.el5
> 389-ds-base-1.2.2-1.el5
> 389-adminutil-1.1.8-3.el5
> Did you run setup-ds-admin.pl -u after updating?
> Yes, but it didn't take my password
If that happens again, please report it as a separate issue.
> so I deleted the entire
> /etc/dirsrv/slapd-fds directory
That won't delete everything you need to delete - use remove-ds-admin.pl 
> and then ran setup-ds-admin.pl again
> from scratch.
>> 389-console -D 9 -f console.log
> I ran this command, here is a screencap of what I'm seeing now.  As
> you can see the GUI is messed up, I can't see any menu items or
> titles. It was working earlier today when I was still using the older
> version of fedora-ds.  I can't do much with this GUI without being
> able to read the fields:
> http://carolan.ws/broken_389_console.jpg
> The console.log file is empty.
Does 389-console -D 9 produce any output whatsoever????
> Any other suggestions?  Sorry to keep bugging you, but this is a lot
> different than the old netscape directory server that I am used to...
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