[389-users] build/package scripts for debian and ubuntu

Roberto Polli rpolli at babel.it
Thu Oct 7 15:51:11 UTC 2010

On Thursday 07 October 2010 17:17:35 Rich Megginson wrote:
>  Do you want these scripts to go into 389
> upstream? 
not now ;) 

I wish we could create such a community to support and maintain in QA all the 
needed debian scripts.

> But yes,
> there should be an official place for debian build scripts
There are plenty of part-time 389 packager for debian, ubuntu & co, everyone 
with his own repo. I tried to contact a lot of people these days, and only one 

> - either they
> should go into the debian build system, or into 389 upstream.  I'd
> rather have the former.
Afaik all the packaging job is done outside the 389 community: to me this is 

The sabayon packaging taught me that distro-specific issues can improve the 
knowledge of the software.

So the point: we need one "official" place tied to the 389 community. The 
repository doesn't have to be the 389 one, but anyway should be something more 

Glad to hear from you+Peace,

PS: About the repos: I still manage several project on sourceforge, so I don't 
have to create another account.

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