[389-users] build/package scripts for debian and ubuntu

Rich Megginson rmeggins at redhat.com
Thu Oct 7 15:58:24 UTC 2010

Roberto Polli wrote:
> On Thursday 07 October 2010 17:17:35 Rich Megginson wrote:
>>  Do you want these scripts to go into 389
>> upstream? 
> not now ;) 
> I wish we could create such a community to support and maintain in QA all the 
> needed debian scripts.
>> But yes,
>> there should be an official place for debian build scripts
> There are plenty of part-time 389 packager for debian, ubuntu & co, everyone 
> with his own repo. I tried to contact a lot of people these days, and only one 
> responded...
>> - either they
>> should go into the debian build system, or into 389 upstream.  I'd
>> rather have the former.
> Afaik all the packaging job is done outside the 389 community: to me this is 
> wrong.
It would be nice for the debian maintainer of these packages to also be 
a 389 community member.  But this seems to be quite a common problem - 
the upstream project developers have no presence in the distro packaging.
> The sabayon packaging taught me that distro-specific issues can improve the 
> knowledge of the software.
> So the point: we need one "official" place tied to the 389 community. The 
> repository doesn't have to be the 389 one, but anyway should be something more 
> official.
IMHO, the "official" place is either the 389 repo or the debian package 
repo.  Anything else will lead to fragmentation, neglect, and bit rot.

Why can't these scripts go into the debian package repo?  Are they 
different than the scripts used to produce the official debian packages?
> Glad to hear from you+Peace,
> R.
> PS: About the repos: I still manage several project on sourceforge, so I don't 
> have to create another account.

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