[389-users] incorrect DNs sometimes returned on searches: 1.2.6 and

Eric Torgersen eric at albany.edu
Thu Oct 14 18:48:25 UTC 2010


We recently started using the 389 Directory Server and are seeing an odd
problem where searches start returning the wrong DN for a small number of
entries in our directory.  For example, our users are in
ou=People,dc=acs,dc=albany,dc=edu but for a few user entries the server
starts returning the DN as "uid=(username),dc=acs,dc=albany,dc=edu,"
"uid=(username),ou=Group,dc=acs,dc=albany,dc=edu," or sometimes even
something like "uid=(username),=albany,,dc=acs,dc=albany,dc=edu."  The
problem seems to be in memory, as restarting the directory server fixes
the problem temporarily but then it will start happening again with a
different set of entries.  A db2ldif extract made while the server is in
this state does not contain any of the bad DNs.

I tried upgrading to  Since the upgrade, this has not happened
for any user entries, but has happened for group entries.

Has anyone else run into this problem?  We are running 389 Directory
Server on Oracle Linux 5.5 and using the x86_64 389 DS packages from EPEL.
We have about 125,000 entries in our directory, most of which are in
ou=People.  We recently migrated from the Sun Directory Server 5.2.


Eric Torgersen
Assistant Director
ITS Systems Management & Operations

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