[389-users] incorrect DNs sometimes returned on searches: 1.2.6 and

Noriko Hosoi nhosoi at redhat.com
Thu Oct 14 21:07:51 UTC 2010


Thanks for your input.  It contains lots of useful information.  Can I 
ask some more details about this section?  The corrupted DN problem is 
observed only on a replica after a consumer initialization is done?  Or 
it is observed on the master as well?  When the incorrect DNs are 
detected in the consumer initialization, it is rejected due to the 
invalid DN or just passed through?  Were the events logged in the error 
log?  Did you have a chance to search the entry having the corrupted DN 
(corrupted and original one) on the master then?


Eric Torgersen wrote:
> We have a single master and two read-only replicas.  I have seen some of
> the incorrect DNs replicate over while performing a consumer
> initialization, but otherwise have not seen this problem on the replicas.

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