[389-users] sub-suffix creation

Angel Bosch Mora angbosch at conselldemallorca.net
Fri Oct 15 12:57:09 UTC 2010

----- Missatge original -----
> Hi
> I a bit confused... have you successfully created the entry using the
> console and am looking for a ldif example? Or did the creation failed
> in the console. I can give you examples of how we create our tree and
> sub suffixes if that will help, they are all in ldif format.

i've found some additional info here:


i was a little bit lost but i've finally managed to create an entry trhough console. all examples i found were using ldif and command line for entry creation, but is really easy with console. just be carefull with using the exact same name as in the suffix database creation.

thanks for your time, anyway.


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