[389-users] schema for dns

Christopher Wood christopher_wood at pobox.com
Mon Jan 17 21:52:18 UTC 2011


When was the dNSDomain schema deprecated in 389 DS?
Why was it deprecated in 389 DS?
What schema do 389 Directory Server or Red Hat Directory Server users customarily use to store DNS zones in their directories?
(Am I asking the right questions?)

As well, my thanks to the list denizens for your collective threads, you're all terribly educational.


The task is exploring DNS schema storage in ldap, to be a DNS server backend.

I can get the schema into 389 DS without any issues. I'm asking more for the "why" not the "how". So far everything is working out, but I'm concerned that I may have a blind spot in choice of schema. Am I going one way while the world goes another as far as ldap backend is concerned?

The PowerDNS LDAP Backend specifies the dNSDomain2 schema, a child of the dNSDomain schema.


Here is previous discussion on this:


In 2007 this was apparently added to the fedora-ds schema, if I'm reading it right:


An earlier email which discusses the issue and why it may have appeared in 2005:


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