[389-users] Newly added users not showing up in DS

harry.devine at faa.gov harry.devine at faa.gov
Tue Jan 18 15:57:22 UTC 2011

I am trying to add a few new users to my directory server, but after I add 
them, they don't show up under the Directory tab.  I've pressed "Refresh 
All" a few times, and they don't show up.  If I try to add them again (in 
case it didn't "take" the first time), I get an error saying that the user 
already exists.  I looked at the logs but didn't see any errors, and 
restarting both the dirsrv and dirsrv-admin services didn't help.

Any ideas?  My 389-ds is version 1.2.1 and 389-ds-base is

Harry Devine
Common ARTS Software Development
Harry.Devine at faa.gov
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