[389-users] Converting a consumer into a multi-master?

Penedo penedo at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 08:06:28 UTC 2011


Our setup has one location with a pair of multi-masters (call it "location
A") and another location with a pair of consumers (call it "location B".

I'd like to "switch directions" between the locations so the servers in
"location B" will be multi-masters between themselves and the servers in
location "A" will be "downgraded" to simple consumers.

As far as I understand the documentation, this might be possible by adding
the "missing replication agreements (i.e. tell the "location B" servers to
become multi-masters and tell the current multi-masters in "location A" to
also accept updates from "location B").

Effectively, this should convert the current two-way multi-master cluster in
"location A" into a four-way multi-master cluster across "location A" and
"location B". Once this is done I expect that I can "downgrade" the
"location A" servers to simple consumers by removing the current replication
agreement they have (or even replace them with a new installation altogether
if that's not possible).

Am I correct or is it more complicated than that?


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