[389-users] 389-ds apparently listens only on loopback

Arian Sanusi arian at kosta.ch
Fri Jul 8 14:01:32 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I set up a host with centos 5.6 and 389-ds 1.1.3 for testing purposes.
On startup of the directory, it states:

[08/Jul/2011:15:36:44 +0200] - 389-Directory/1.2.2 B2009.237.2054
starting up
[08/Jul/2011:15:36:46 +0200] - slapd started.  Listening on All
Interfaces port 389 for LDAP requests
[08/Jul/2011:15:36:47 +0200] - Listening on All Interfaces port 636 for
LDAPS requests

on that host I can see ldap and ldapssl ports open, and p.ex.
389-console shows reasonable stuff.
However, on other hosts I cannot, queries on the directory fail - Seems
to me like the server only listens on the loopback interface.

Any Ideas about this?

regards, Arian

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