[389-users] Replication trouble

Andrea Modesto Rossi amrossi at linux.it
Wed Jul 13 10:44:25 UTC 2011


Since last week i had no problem and all my configuration worked properly.
Due to NTPD error (my VMs runs on KVM server), today i have some
replication trouble. Scenario:

 - 3 Servers with 389 1.2.0 running on virtual machine CENTOS 5.6 (KVM

 - I use multimuster replication so Server A has 2 Agreement: A-->B and
A-->C; Server B has: B-->A and B-->C; Server C has: C-->A and C-->B.

Now, B and C works fine. The problem is Server A that it is able to
receive Update from B and C but it cannot provide Update to B and C...

These are the logs when i try to sync A --> B

>From A:
[13/Jul/2011:12:05:15 +0200] csngen_new_csn - Warning: too much time skew
(-314253 secs). Current seqnum=1
[13/Jul/2011:12:05:15 +0200] NSMMReplicationPlugin -
agmt="cn=AgreementM21" (deimos:636): Unable to acquire replica: Excessive
clock skew between the supplier and the consumer. Replication is aborting.
[13/Jul/2011:12:05:15 +0200] NSMMReplicationPlugin -
agmt="cn=AgreementM21" (deimos:636): Incremental update failed and
requires administrator action

>From B:
[13/Jul/2011:12:05:15 +0200] NSMMReplicationPlugin - conn=5 op=3
repl="dc=example,dc=com": Excessive clock skew from supplier RUV
[13/Jul/2011:12:05:15 +0200] NSMMReplicationPlugin - conn=5 op=3
replica="dc=example,dc=com": Unable to acquire replica: error: excessive
clock skew

but A and B are the same time.

Can anyone help me? i don't understand where i'm wrong!

Thank you very much for your help.


Andrea Modesto Rossi
Fedora Ambassador

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