[389-users] Problem - Could not import LDIF file '/ tmp / ldifESlBSW.ldif'. Error: 65280

Michel Bulgado michel at casa.co.cu
Thu Jul 21 22:04:46 UTC 2011


Recently I just installed 389-ds-1.2.1-1.el5.noarch from EPEL repo, 
because in my company we use Active Directory and want to migrate to Linux

I have installed CentOS 5.6 x86_64.

The problem persists when trying to run setup-ds-admin.pl and at the 
very end I get an error message.
[11/07/21, 17:08:27] - [Setup] Info Are you ready to set-up your servers?
[11/07/21, 17:08:28] - [Setup] Info yes
[11/07/21, 17:08:28] - [Setup] Info Creating directory server. . .
[11/07/21, 17:08:29] - [Setup] Info Could not import LDIF file '/ tmp / 
ldifESlBSW.ldif'. Error: 65280. Output: Importing data ...

[11/07/21, 17:08:29] - [Setup] Fatal Error: Could not create directory 
server instance 'michel'.
[11/07/21, 17:08:29] - [Setup] Fatal Exiting. . .
Log file is '/ tmp/setup5jSSdH.log'

Maybe you can help me, google searching for someone I saw the same 
problem happened to him and recommended him to move or delete the file 
10-presence.ldif directory schema, but that file does not exist in that 

That I could be doing wrong?


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