[389-users] Howto setup the 389 server to be its own client (caution n00b!)

Bill Crowell bcrowell at pavuk.com
Thu Jul 28 16:57:35 UTC 2011


I've successfully installed 389 and configured it on my Linode server with FC15. I'm impressed at how well it installs compared to LDAP.

I'm able to access it using a notebook running FC using the 389 admin tool. Again, nice.

What I'm searching for is how to make the directory server also the application server and have the users added to the directory show up on the same virtual machine. Admittedly, I'm a bit spoiled by Apple's OpenDirectory and having users created on the same machine as the directory.

As my firm expands, we will have more replicants and additional servers holding application data. For now, just one server.

I presume there is a setting to tell this server to authenticate back to its own 389 server instead of simply the default shadow passwords?



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