[389-users] Logging Creation and Deletion

Arpit Tolani arpittolani at gmail.com
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2012/1/17 David Hoskinson <david.hoskinson at datatrak.net>

> I am having a bit of trouble understanding creation and deletion of logs.
> Creation is max number of logs = 10, fie size 100 MB, and create a new log
> every day.  This is the default I believe as I haven’t changed it.  My
> question is does one of these parameters over ride the other?  For example
> we want to keep 24 weeks of logs, and for example create a log everyday.
> And logs are quite small for us, so would the 100 mb parameter take
> precedence or the one day setting?   ****
> ** **
> Same with deletion… would like the when drive has less then 5 mb and
> delete files over 24 weeks old but don’t care about the 500 mb total size.
> ****
> ** **
> I see some fields can be set with -1 to inactivate them but some can’t…***
> *
> ** **
> If anyone can explain this a little clearer I am sure its just something I
> am missing****

Of course per day time will take preference over the size limit of 100 MB &
vice versa.

>From what I understood you want to have log files for 24 weeks (168 days)
One log file per day.

nsslapd-accesslog-maxlogsperdir: 168
nsslapd-accesslog-mode: 600
nsslapd-accesslog-maxlogsize: 1   <-- We have set 1 so that it will ignore
the size of file and rotate only after a day regardless of the size of a
log file.
nsslapd-accesslog-logrotationtime: 1 <-- Since we want to rotate daily
nsslapd-accesslog-logrotationtimeunit: day

Same will be with errorlogs & audit logs.

Regarding Logs delete. (whichever come first)

nsslapd-accesslog-logmaxdiskspace: 500 <--- Maximum disk space taken by
access logs, If exceeds Oldest file will be deleted
nsslapd-accesslog-logminfreediskspace: 5 <--------- minimum free disk in
MB, If goes below this Oldest file will be deleted

Arpit Tolani
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