[389-users] changelog deadlock replication failures with DNA

Mahadevan, Venkat venkmaha at mail.ubc.ca
Tue Jun 18 21:40:37 UTC 2013

Running in a VM should not be an issue if it follows the usual tuning recommendation. But of course it adds a layer when investigating a RC.
What is weird is to hit so frequent (50) deadlock in a single DB call. In addition it looks like it always happen when updating the CL so I can think to only RA threads, CL trimming and Write thread (the one holding the backend lock) being in competition.
Search threads also.  Searches acquire a read lock on the pages used by the entry and the indexes.

You may try to disable the RA for a test to check if they are responsible of that. You may also remove the CL maxage to prevent the CL trimming thread to be in the loop. Also you may check if you have pb with disk IO. Or tune the dbcache to be in memory.
Sorry I have no easy answer to your question because it requires deeper investigations.

Thanks Thierry and Rich for the good suggestions. I will give them both a try. In the meantime, the environment is running well
without the DNA plugin, so I will probably go with that for now and assign uid/gid numbers manually via a script after the entry
is added to the directory. This seems to be a reasonable workaround right now. Thanks again!



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