[389-users] Problems upgrading from PassSync 1.4 to PassSync 1.5

Juan Carlos Camargo juancarlos at eprinsa.es
Thu Jun 27 09:28:11 UTC 2013

Hi list, 

I was expecting these new changes in PassSync (moreover those related to the 8th bit handling) , so congrats for the advances. I've found the following when I've tried the upgrade the product on one of my 2003 32bits windows controllers: 

1.- I cannot simply update. The installed version was 1.4. A message tells me to uninstall the previous version and reinstall. 
2.- If I uninstall the previous version, restart and install 1.5 from scratch, the installer stops when it tries to start the PassSync service , the rolls back the setup and does nothing. Error 1603 appears in the event viewer. I've troubleshooted this error according to Microsofts kb but none of the symptoms match my scenario. 

I've tried the upgrade of my other two windows2003 x32 controllers , but I'm asked to upgrade windows installer first. All in all , could those problems relate to an old windows installer version? I havent updated it yet, just needed to make sure first. Could also be related to the way the 1.5 .msi was generated? 



Juan Carlos Camargo Carrillo. 
957-211157 , 650932877 

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