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Jesse Keating jkeating at
Mon Nov 20 17:50:18 UTC 2006

One of the things identified at the summit was that we wanted to provide some 
soft of hosting for projects.  This wouldn't necessarily be Fedora specific 
projects, but being able to use your Fedora accounts to get something going 
quickly, with source control etc. would be highly valuable.

Since I needed some project space for pungi, I started looking at what was 
around, and gave Trac ( a serious look.  It's 
picked up the ability to use an hg repository, which is pretty important to 
me, and there is the beginnings of git support, perhaps enough to make use of 
it now.  Add to that the ability to tie into our existing accounts system for 
authenticated actions, and the ability for a project admin to make changes to 
the project all through the web makes trac a pretty compelling choice for 
software to manage our hosted projects.  There seems to be a fairly decent 
community around Trac and solid community contribution to the project itself 
so there seems to be some sustainability there.

For a proof of concept, I setup a xen guest with FC6, tossed trac on there in 
a multiproject configuration and added pungi as one of the projects.  I'm 
going to approach some of the other psuedo hosted projects we've got going on 
to see if they would be interested in playing in the proof of concept land.

I also created a wiki page to cover this:

I'd like some input from the board if this is the right direction envisioned 
for project hosting, and if any more effort (now or later) should be spent in 
this direction.  For me, I got project space for pungi.  I still have a few 
hoops to jump through before it's really useful (moving the actual hg repo of 
pungi to a new location, changing documentation, etc..) but its a good start.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora
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