new Join page(s), where is this on-topic?

Karsten Wade kwade at
Thu Apr 19 07:23:49 UTC 2007

We want to announce to all project leadership that there is a new
all-one destination page for helping people who are interested in
joining Fedora:

We also want to encourage all projects to create a project-specific page
in a similar namespace, so it is always easy to find.  For example:

Some of us (such as the Docs Project) have legacy pages that need to be
renamed to Foo/Join and all links fixed.  Meanwhile, a redirect works

The idea of a common namespace for finding join information is to help
make it easier for everyone inside and outside of the project to know
where to go when someone wants to join Fedora.

Now, why is fedora-advisory-board getting this?  Um, I think it's
because I have no clue where to send this.  There was some discussion of
having a project discussion list (fedora-project-list?)  Did this ever
get off the ground?

I don't want to announce this on f-announce-l until project leadership
has had a chance to clean up their Join pages.  Regardless, that is not
the place or method for posting something like this for discussion.

What would you do with this tasty tidbit?  Where would you post this
email, if not f-a-b?

- Karsten
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