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Fri Nov 16 17:21:48 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-11-16 at 11:06 -0500, Monkey Boy wrote:
> You could have Third-party names listed under individual countries.
> (Does the EU count as one country?) And under the United State section
> you can have the sound of crickets chirping. 

I think the challenge here is the complexity.  First, none of us are
lawyers to suggest what is legal or not legal in any country.  Second,
none of us are lawyers in any specific country to be able to know what
is legal or not legal in that specific country.

There are around 194 countries in the world currently[1], so that
introduces a lot of complexity to manage.

> What I'm getting at is that by explaining what is known to be legal in
> a particular country is more effective than listing out the third
> party links and saying to the reader, "good luck in your country."
> Also, it give those who live in a country that does not accept that as
> legal the ability to judge for themselves as to whether or not they
> should install.

What I like about your idea is the general concept of showing people
that their country may limit their freedoms or support bad policies.

I'm imagining a world map picture with broad sweeping colors to
generalize -- more free, less free, etc.

But I fear it is not feasible, safe, or legal to make such declarations
without the lawyers to back it up.

- Karsten

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