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Thu Apr 22 21:57:25 UTC 2010

On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 6:15 PM, Paul W. Frields <stickster at> wrote:
> The Board members and I are interested in helping the project work
> toward making things better for the user base.  We discussed this
> topic at our previous meeting, and one of the ideas that came out of
> that meeting was a biweekly, rotating session, during which a
> different Fedora team representative could meet with the Board
> publicly on IRC.
> The Board has been conducting public meetings on IRC for some time
> now.  While we've been happy to hold a Q&A session there, it seems
> like often we could be better using that time to provide better
> coordination across teams, especially since we often have few Q&A
> topics that couldn't be answered here on the list.  I know there are
> several team leaders present on this list, so I put this question to
> them:
> If we set up this kind of meeting, would you be interested?  What
> would you want to come out of such a meeting?

Yes.  I think for marketing, at least, it would be interesting to be
able to present things like a marketing plan and/or a deliverables
roadmap and get input from the other teams.  Having an opportunity to
talk about it in a forum with people from other teams gives us a
chance to identify things like:

* crossover - "hey, we're doing the same thing, or had the same idea"
* scheduling discussions - are we allowing enough time for X to
happen, before Y in other groups needs to happen, particularly with
new processes
* how groups can service each other - what can marketing do to help
advertise things like "we need people to come to test days," or "we
would love to have people be helping do documentation" - or how can
marketing get help doing translations? There are numerous pockets of
brainpower in different groups that aren't getting a lot of exposure
to each other - and therefore aren't finding out what we can all do
for each other.
* please tell us where we're lacking.


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