fedoracommunity.org domain requests outstanding

Matt Domsch matt at domsch.com
Wed Aug 4 21:38:33 UTC 2010

I recognize that we have at least these 4 *.fedoracommunity.org domain
requests outstanding.  The Board has been unable to meet as a whole
for a few weeks due to travel, but we'll do our best to address these
in the Friday meeting.

#72  	be.fedoracommunity.org domain request
#73 	ar.fedoracommunity.org domain request
#74 	dk.fedoracommunity.org domain request
#75 	{zn,ch,tw}.fedoracommunity.org domain request

Are there others outstanding which I've missed?

My personal feeling is that the * in *.fedoracommunity.org should be
for regional teams, and not for languages.  I believe (and please,
correct me if you believe I'm wrong) that we have the technical
capability to do language translation and localization of the existing
fedoraproject.org web pages and content, including the wiki, and that
we can easily have language-specific email lists and IRC channels, and
that these are sufficient technical methods to solve the language /
translation challenges without spreading out to more and more web

I welcome your opinions on this as well.


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