Appointment of Board Members.

Max Spevack mspevack at
Wed Aug 18 16:35:55 UTC 2010

On Wed, 18 Aug 2010, David Nalley wrote:

>> Riffing on that a bit, I think there's an equal amount of optimizing 
>> and perhaps consolidating of roles when you think about some of the 
>> fuzzier parts of Fedora.
>> For instance, why can't there be one group of people that 
>> collectively figures out a globally consistent way to handle budget 
>> requests -- whether that is for a FUDCon, a FAD, a booth at a local 
>> event, media, swag, travel funding, etc.
>> Streamline a lot of stuff, and do a better job of making sure that 
>> people know the discretionary/day-to-day budget that Red Hat 
>> allocates to the Fedora Project can be used by *anyone* or *any 
>> group* within our community that needs a monetary investment to 
>> support or help turn ideas into reality.
> Why would we create yet another group to do this? FAmSCo already 
> manages around $100k worth of budget (though it's been heavily 
> delegated for the past few years, with FAmSCo retaining responsibility 
> but largely pushing decision making down)  Tacking on Premier Fedora 
> events and discretionary funds roughly doubles that, but I can't 
> imagine that the structure already in place wouldn't scale to meet 
> that. Moreover, that group tends to be more involved in the 
> organization of premier Fedora events than any other sub-group within 
> Fedora.
> <disclaimer> I am on FAmSCo for a few more months, and have proposed 
> this idea before </disclaimer>

Actually, I think we agree with each other here, David.  We do have the 
organization in place.  I think that the suggestion isn't a 
revolutionary change, but rather an acknowledged increase in scope, and 
perhaps a name change to indicate that the funding pool is not only for 
Ambassadors, but for all contributors.


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