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Robert 'Bob' Jensen bob at fedoraunity.org
Fri Feb 12 00:27:36 UTC 2010

----- "Mel Chua" <mel at redhat.com> wrote:
> Yeah... my younger cousin hit this yesterday when trying to figure out
> how to fix a botched F10 --> F12 upgrade. IRC familiarity, usually
> good 
> about following instructions... I got called from dinner to explain
> what 
> was going on, and ended up having to blink and squint and click around
> for a few minutes before figuring out what to type.
> This had me a little worried about what happens to even less
> experienced 
> people who don't have a Fedora cousin eating dinner downstairs.
> I'll try to get her to write a draft of what would be a more useful 
> message... where would we send that patch?

Please see my reply to Paul. If your cousin had asked "Hey what is going on" or even asked their help question someone normally will speak up and help get it sorted out, this did not happen in this case. Those that help in #Fedora are a limited few and do the best we can, many of us do keep an eye on the -unregistered channel looking for lost puppies. 

In the past I have voiced my displeasure in the board making any kind of "rule" on #fedora. The members of the board have not been willing to commit to helping in the channel. I am willing to start making a schedule for people to serve the community by helping in the channels for a few hours every week. Why should they make the job that some of us choose to do that much harder? Helping in #fedora has not been this easy since the last ruling was made, I would hope that the board would defer any rules or judgements to those that are active and have been active for years helping in the channel.  

-- Bob

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