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Gerold gerold at
Thu Feb 18 07:51:36 UTC 2010

> On 17/02/10 23:01, Gerold Kassube wrote:
>> Dear Board,
>> hereby I claim that the pages with Online-Vendors like
>> will be closed
>> down because
> --snipped--
>> do we need such pages at all?
>> Friendly yours
>> Gerold
> Please confer with "Susmit", first.
> As Susmit, is currently revamping Online\Offline Vendors as part of the
> whole FreeMedia\Distribution end.
right; I'm sure he'll read the thread at all.

IMHO there must be one place to get Media and for which we as Fedora
Project need to take care for:
- $COUNTRY /get-fedora
and it's mirror!

Also imho a vendor who sells fedora media (expect the free media project)
should donate us with the revenue he earns with "our" stuff (Code,
Artwork, usage of Trademark etc.). But that's only my opinion; also my
opinion is that there should be only FEDORA where you get medias OR
official authorized PARTNER (!= vendor) ...

Just my five cents


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