Board SWG Meeting 2010-02-22 Recap

John Poelstra poelstra at
Tue Feb 23 00:43:37 UTC 2010

== Roll Call ==
* Attendees: John Poelstra, Paul Frields, Matt Domsch, Colin Walters, 
Mike McGrath
* Regrets: Chris Tyler

== Default Distribution Offering ==
* Owner: Paul Frields
* Question being answered: "On what basis do we have a default offering?"
* Original page:
* Added page:
* After some discussion group felt Paul should do a little more work on 
second page explaining:
** why we ended up with the default we did, which combines a number of 
technologies into a platform:
*** GNOME Desktop Environment
*** Compiz (not actually a part of GNOME, but prominent in the UI)
*** Firefox and other third party apps
*** SELinux
*** kernel
** Is this due to Red Hat as Fedora's main sponsor?
*** In part, because Fedora is driven by contribution, and Red Hat as a 
Fedora contributor drives a massive amount of free software innovation 
done directly in the kernel, tools, security, desktop, and elsewhere, 
and then quickly inherited into Fedora where it can be distributed in 
consumable form
*** R&D lab idea allows anyone to grow technology in Fedora
*** But other pieces of the platform are "best of breed FOSS" but not 
due to Red Hat or Fedora necessarily, e.g. Firefox
*** Not just about a desktop environment, but in the future need to give 
thought to how to design the whole system
*** We need to give thought whenever components change; and we have more 
room available now (> CD size)
** Paul will do more drafting and post back to Board

== Clarifying Issues Around Spins ==
* Owners: Matt & Colin
* Can Spins/SIGS or Fedora remixes define their own target audience?
* Can Spins/SIGS or Fedora remixes change the code enough to meet their 
* Summary of what Matt has tracked down so far
* As part of the research for this this we tried to get a clearer 
picture of what the Spins SIG is responsibile for.  We understand those 
responsibilities to be:
*** Managing the approval process for new spins
*** spins pages
*** kickstart file is good
*** Coordinating Board trademark approval
** Individual spin owners may not participate in the SIG, so will need 
to reach out to them directly.
* Spins pain points raised on this recent thread:
and following for many messages.  These are additional to the questions 
we asked of them
* We still want to make sure that the work of the Spins SIG is not blocked
** Fedora as a project may not be able to provide all necessary 
resources to every Spin
** Spins are a way for contributors to gather connected communities of 
contributors, create more awareness and contribution to Fedora
** Community building is primarily a problem of increasing ''people 
capacity'', not simply working harder
*** Build infrastructure capacity, storage space, etc. -- technical 
blockers are critical path items
*** Enable easy processes (TM licensing/approvals, etc.) to help 
contributors without inducing mass chaos
**** alternately, '''do''' allow mass chaos where appropriate (Fedora Remix)
*** Make it easier for contributors to help anywhere they want -- lower 
barriers so that anyone can build the actual workforce in the Fedora Project
* '''NEXT STEPS''':
** Matt to email each of the spin owners with the original questions 
posed to the Spins SIG

== Next Meeting ==
* March 1, 2010 @ 3 PM EST
* Discussion topics:
** Follow-up to Matt and Colin's work on Spins

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