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José Matos jamatos at fc.up.pt
Tue Jan 12 21:11:47 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 12 January 2010 20:25:52 Mike McGrath wrote:
> > Sure.  But how do you define OS?  Is it the set of packages in the
> > Everything repo?  Is it the default spin?  And once you define the OS,
> > how do you take all the people scratching their itches via the Fedora
> > Package Collection and define a target audience that addreses all of
> > them?
> I'd define the OS as what you get after installation.  You'll note a
> live media isn't included in that.  It feels more like marketing to me
> since it's probably rare for people to just regularly boot the live cd for
> anything other then testing.

The live images are important not only as a showcase but also because they 
allow an easy installation. After that installation the system keeps the same 
feeling and behavior (assuming there are no bugs) as the live image that 
originated it.

Case in point when I use the kde live image and install it to the hard drive 
the new installed system retains the same behavior as that defined in the 
original live cd. And that remains after upgrades. Sure I could use a 
kickstart file but the live images are a more direct way to get the same thing 
with the added advantage that the resulting set of packages as been tested.

FWIW I use kde but I am in no way associated with the SIG other than following 
the kde at fpo mailing list.

José Abílio

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