Fedora Board Meeting Recap 2010-01-14

John Poelstra poelstra at redhat.com
Thu Jan 14 19:40:39 UTC 2010


== Roll call ==
* Present: John Poelstra, Mike McGrath, Paul Frields, Chris Tyler, Colin 
Walters, Matt Domsch, Josh Boyer, Christopher Aillon, Dennis Gilmore
* Regrets: Tom "Spot" Callaway
* Assigned meeting secretary: John Poelstra

=== Ad Bard ===
* Background
** Ad Bard is a FSF-endorsed advertising provider
** Ad Bard is providing a free advertisement for Fedora as a trial
** Rotating ad banners pointing to Fedora will run on other sites
* Josh Boyer provided an update
** Text for the ad and landing URL has been communicated to Ad Bard
* Advertisement will run in February
* Fedora web sites do not carry ads by Ad Bard or anyone else.  The 
Board could revisit this in the future if needs dictate.
* '''NEXT ACTION''':
** Paul will log into site to see if there is any useful information to 

=== Spin approvals ===
* Background: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Spins_Process
** Board is responsible for approving trademark use for all new spins
* Colin raises question of need for every spin to create their own ISOs, 
vs some spins that could suffice with a package group.
* Paul notes thread continues on advisory-board at lists.fedoraproject.org
* Fedora should not seek out "special dispensation" to use the 
trademarks of others, outside the scope of the standard trademark 
agreements open to everyone as this could affect downstream reuse

==== Design Suite ====
* https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Design_Suite
* http://sdz.fedorapeople.org/kickstart/fedora-design-suite.ks
* '''QUESTION:''' Does the Board approve the use of Fedora trademarks 
for this spin?
** Board grants trademark usage for this spin

==== Moblin ====
* https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Moblin_Spin
* http://pbrobinson.fedorapeople.org/FedoraMini/fedora-mini-base.ks
* http://pbrobinson.fedorapeople.org/FedoraMini/fedora-mini-moblinNetbook.ks
* Possible issue with Moblin(TM) trademarks, checking with Red Hat Legal
* '''QUESTION:''' Does the Board approve the use of Fedora trademarks 
for this spin, contingent on advice from counsel?
** Approval granted for the spin to continue under a different name
*** once trademark clearance is obtained, Moblin name can be used

** Move forward as appropriate after feedback from Red Hat Legal
** Peter can move forward with the development and testing process:
*** change name of the spin file name
*** wiki page can remain "as is"

==== Sugar on a Stick ====
* https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Sugar_on_a_Stick
* http://sdz.fedorapeople.org/kickstart/sugar-on-a-stick.ks
* '''QUESTION:''' Does the Board approve the use of Fedora trademarks 
for this spin?
** Board grants trademark usage for this spin
** Paul to follow up with Sugar Labs people to get clear understanding 
around the trademark status of ''Sugar'' or ''Sugar on a Stick''
** Board will revisit the status of the spin at such time as Sugar Labs 
finalizes their trademarks

=== Working group ===
https://fedorahosted.org/board/ticket/33 (renamed)
* Poelstra provided status on working group and next steps
* First meeting 2010-01-18 Monday UTC 2000 (3:00pm US Eastern)
* Group is not making official decisions, but is clarifying topics in 
** Get them into a form the Board can review effectively and approve as 
** Start by pulling together all of the current sub-projects and 
discussions underway

== Next meeting ==
* Feedback indicates that meeting time is unchanged and this will remain 
the standard meeting time
* Thursday, January 21, 2010 UTC 1700 (12:00pm US Eastern)

== Potential future agenda ==

=== virtio-win drivers ===

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