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Paul W. Frields stickster at
Thu Jul 1 21:39:01 UTC 2010

Based on the last discussion threads, there was at least one clear
consensus which was that our Planet purpose and guidelines aren't easy
enough to find.  One reason is they were scattered around multiple

I've combined those pages together, and also ensured that other
fractional pages now redirect to the new "all in one" page.

This page is the #3 listing (and #2 at the first hierarchical level)
for Google searches for 'planet fedora' and 'fedora planet'.  It's
also now the destination when a user clicks "Add my blog" on the page.

I added a bit of clarification about how a tag or category can be
helpful when assigning a feed to the Planet, and at the top I used the
purpose statement that Mo rewrote, with which I didn't see anyone

The rest of the information on the page simply combines pre-existing
pages.  The guidelines appear first, so that someone coming to the
page has the opportunity to read about appropriate material before
signing up, as opposed to that information being hidden behind a link.

Patches accepted -- remember, it's a wiki! ;-)

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