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Máirín Duffy duffy at
Fri Jul 2 22:56:18 UTC 2010

(Sorry if I'm breaking the thread, I never received the original thread
in my mail client for some reason):

> One of the major objectives of the domain
> structure is to allow communities to build their own content, and not
> have that content restricted unnecessarily by official Fedora Project
> policies.  The use of "" as the domain name helps
> to clarify that the subdomains are managed independently and entirely
> by Fedora community members.
> To redirect a domain to an official
> site is technically feasible.  But to do that, the
> site content would be restricted to only material that can normally be
> included on sites.  This issue is probably something
> the Board should discuss: Should we permit a
> subdomain to resolve to any official Fedora Project site/page?
> My immediate thoughts are that the subdomain works
> best when we get out of a community member's way to provide useful,
> localized information for Fedora.  The more restrictions we put on its
> use, the less useful it becomes.  Muddling up the
> subdomain concept with the official purposes and policies of the
> sites is likely to make life more difficult for a
> local community that wants to grow its own content.

I wanted to bring up a question on this: If a server-side redirect is a problem, 
then what about an HTML/javascript one to autoredirect the page?

I also wanted to say that my opinion on this matter is that I
understand the legal reasons as to why there is a
domain, but there are also many cases in which a
domain would be sufficient, and that this will make it harder for
folks to know what domain a given local community site is located
at. I think it's important ticket [1] for creating a homepage for
listing all local sites in one place, irregardless of domain,
is important, to make the experience of users locating their
local community a much smoother one. 

I'm also still not sure why a community with content that's okay within Fedora's 
legal policies/etc is a problem if it has a domain pointing
to Fedora infrastructure. I feel that to end users, it fractures the sites between 
two or more domains. To me it seems the more permissive domain is being limited
to non-Fedora infrastructure even though each individual site may not ever go
beyond the bounds Fedora's infrastructure necessarily must fall within. I've been
reading back through the meeting logs and the only rationale that makes sense
to me is Chris' point that the site might switch to be non-Fedora-infra and
old links will go bad, but I think that's the case whether or not 
Fedora infrastructure is involved at all. I think consistency of local
domains is a stronger advantage than avoiding spoilt links which is going
to happen with a backend switch irregardless of what specific infrastructure 
is involved.



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