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On Wed, 7 Jul 2010 11:16:39 -0400
"Paul W. Frields" <stickster at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Kevin + Rex, sorry for letting this thread sit.

Not at all. I have been busy and have let this reply sit. ;) 

> I know I'm speaking somewhat as a "lame duck" FPL here :-) but before
> I'd expect any community members to buy into a code of conduct, they'd
> likely want to know (1) what problems the code is intended to solve,
> (2) how the code affects people who violate it repeatedly, and (3) how
> we tell whether it works or not.
> I completely agree that we can't battle negativity with more
> negativity.  On the other hand, a code of conduct can't be effective
> if it's not enforced in some fashion.  Case in point, the KDE
> community group does take remedial action in incremental steps,
> starting with mediation and discussion.  In cases of repeat
> infractions or escalation, they progress to suspension in some cases.
> There have been previous discussions about a code of conduct here and
> the consensus at the time seemed to be that community members would
> continue to follow it (or not) as they have in the past, whether it
> was formalized or not.  And ISTR that some community members were
> concerned that laying out rules of proper conduct would create
> opportunities for unproductive language-lawyering.  At the same time,
> there are certainly problems with the "we know it when we see it"
> approach.
> What happens, in both your views, if someone repeatedly violates a
> code of conduct?

Well, I suppose it would have to be a escalating scale: 

- Warn in private. 
- Warn in public. 
- Remove privileges or access where they are in charge and violating
- Ban or remove from areas where they are violating (moderate on list,
  ban from irc channel, etc). 

Note that it's almost impossible to really remove someone, they can
come back with another email address, another irc nick, or whatever. 

I agree you can't always just be positive, as much as I would prefer
that to be the case. ;( 

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