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Fri Jul 9 18:23:37 UTC 2010

Hello Board folks,

As you may be aware, the Moblin and Maemo communities recently merged
to form the MeeGo project.  Previously Fedora included a spin based on
the Moblin platform.  Now Peter Robinson, in his Mini SIG work, is
busy working on moving the spin to MeeGo.  MeeGo is a trademark of the
Linux Foundation, which has published guidelines for usage.[1]

Usually when the Board does a trademark approval, we do so from the
POV of ensuring compatibility with the Fedora trademark.  The Board
would require a new submission for TM approval if the spin changes
substantially.  In this case, the changes to the spin are not expected
to be substantial -- the bulk of the work consists of code changes
upstream and package renaming (e.g. 'moblin-*' to 'meego-*').  It's
uncertain whether all that will be completed for F14, or deferred to

Peter and I are currently consulting with the Linux Foundation (after
a quick nod from Red Hat's trademark counsel) about an appropriate
name, "MeeGo Spin by Fedora."  We're also aware of the other
requirements for technical compliance on the MeeGo side and Peter will
certify those requirements are met as well.

This particular case seemed somewhat unique in that, although the spin
is unlikely to change drastically, its name combines a new non-Fedora
trademark with the Fedora trademark.  The spin's eligibility for use
of the Fedora trademark, however, doesn't change.

So, does the MeeGo-based spin need to route back through the Board for
approval?  Or is it sufficient that (1) the Board is informed of the
name change, and (2) all the requirements are met for use of the MeeGo
trademark according to the Linux Foundation?

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