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On Sat, Jul 17, 2010 at 9:18 AM, duffy.fedoraproject.org at linuxgrrl.com
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> Fedora has nothing to do w elephants so the example to me seems to pose the
> intent of the orig question in an absurd light. I dont think its absurd to
> consider the negative impact of our actions and discuss changes to lessen
> it, though. Fedora is a community that strives to be a responsible to its
> upstream comms so to me, maybe somewhat absurdly so, being responsible to
> the physical commmunities in which goods we produce end up in fits well.

I did not really see how planting trees had anything to do with Fedora either.

It isn't at all absurd to consider the negative impacts of what we do
and we have done exactly that repeatedly in the ambassador community
where most of this production takes place. I encourage you to begin
attending the FAmNA meetings each month to participate in those
discussions at the level where the community makes the decisions.
Start a thread on the ambassadors list and you'll be greeted by others
who share your concerns about the environment. Feel free to add an
agenda item to any FAmNA meeting to bring attention to your concerns.

> Reduce, produce only the # of shirts that will be truly valued and give to
> folks who will appreciate, encourage folks to sign up for one only if they
> are going to use it

It is pretty hard to know which stranger visiting a booth is going to
truly value a shirt. The shirts at events have value but I think it is
clear at least to me that shirts given to contributors have more
value. In NA we typically produce around 300 shirts each year to
distribute at many shows and to give to contributors during the year.
So we are giving them out pretty sparingly now.

> Reuse, maybe produce more designs that will work at multiple events, try to
> produce mostly swag w multiple uses (pen yes, outdated media maybe less and
> hand out more stingily)

All the shirts produced by the ambassadors in North America are
general in design and are not connected with any particular event. In
fact, since I've been involved in swag production in North America I
can't recall one instance where we produced any swag that was tied to
a specific event.

> Recycle, maybe have some info on media sleeves as to the most responsible
> way to dispose of it?

Sounds like something the design team and ambassadors could do. While
I think the project has been responsible in trying to understand media
demand and adjust production levels to reduce leftover waste (I know
for a fact Clint has been conscientious about doing this in North
America) I'd like to see more emphasis on alternative forms of content
delivery (especially in "internet abundant" areas of the world) to
further reduce the production and distribution of plastic having a
very short useful life.

I think we have common agreement here fundamentally. Engage the
ambassador community. They produce the swag. They make the decisions.
And I know many of them are sympathetic to the goal of being good
stewards of both Fedora funding and the environment.


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