Inquiry about steps to take to get licence for '' domain

Chris Tyler chris at
Mon Jul 19 14:22:39 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-07-19 at 09:37 -0430, María Leandro wrote:
> Hello again.
> I know the guy who runs this domain, but I don't understand why you
> talk about create a paralel website if we already have a team runing
> Probably I don't understand this thread, but I don't consider proper
> to have separated websites for the same thing.
> See ya.

Hi Tatica,

We ask site that have "fedora" in the name to sign a trademark licensing
agreement, and I assume that was what Ahmed was asking about. As an
alternative to getting a separate domain, we've made it easy to get
subdomains under the domain, so I suggested that
Ahmed consider as an alternative to
-- it's faster and cheaper (RH pays the domain registration).

You mention that there's a team already running, but that
domain does not appear to be registered, so I'm not sure what you mean


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