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Robert 'Bob' Jensen bob at fedoraunity.org
Mon Jul 19 19:31:55 UTC 2010

----- "Chris Tyler" <chris at tylers.info> wrote:
> I think that the shirts have a lot of value (but I can see that some
> folks may end up with too many). I'm proud to wear the handful of
> Fedora
> shirts I have, they make me feel part of the community, and they are
> great discussion-starters -- I think they are a cost-effective
> promotion
> and community-building tool.
> I like this idea a lot (thinking here in the context of a FUDcon). I
> think most attendees would gladly lay down $10 or $20 for a shirt
> (especially since the event itself is free), and folks with too many
> shirts could opt-out. This could also allow folks who want pick up
> extras for friends or family to do so. The proceeds could likely fund
> the FUDpub.
> One other comment: it was suggested during the IRC meeting that
> shirts
> should not be dated (e.g., "Fedora" instead of "FUDcon Boston 2008").
> While I think this would make sense if we were using a very small
> number
> of shirts or had to deal with leftovers/waste, I don't think those
> problems apply to our use of shirts, and there seems to be a hacker
> tradition of taking pride in wearing proof of events you've attended
> (how else do you explain the tattered OLS 2000 shirts proudly worn at
> the Linux symposium?).

As I mentioned in another email, I don't see the value of handing out shirts to event attendees. If I was at an event and was handed a shirt for $OTHERDISTRO I would hand it back as I know I would rarely make use of it. I know others just take everything available if it is something they would use or not. Spend the money on those that will use the gift with pride.

-- Bob

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