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> > Now if the question is that we should remove/redirect
> > from a 'cover' of google to say a page that
> > explains what Fedora Project is about, what people can expect from
> > the community (and vice versa), how to join, etc etc. I am all for
> > that.
> I don't think that's going to provide the best experience for the user
> either though. How about a start page like Chromium has that shows
> thumbnails of your most frequently-visited websites so you can access
> them in one click based on visual cues? I think a long time ago Bryan
> Clark wrote a blog post about what should be in the browser window
> when you first open it to best make users' lives easier. Actually I
> think Colin may have written an extension for Firefox that does the
> thumbnail thing. Why don't we get rid of start.fpo and just install
> that extension by default?

All our users don't use firefox. ;) 

I was hoping we could direct people to our support channels in
something like a start page:

But I'm open to ideas. 

I suspect many/most of our users change their homepage after install to
their igoogle page or something they use more often.

I guess I would not mind seeing a page that points people to how
to join/contribute, how to get help, and any important announcements
from the Fedora project. 

I guess this is more something for the websites group to look into?

> Best way to solve a problem is to make it not a problem anymore :)
> Certainly beats feeling like you're compromising your values!


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