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Thanks for the thanks.

To be honest that's something i'd like to get involved with :)  I'm sure
it's something i can talk to people about in the #fedora-ambassadors
channel..But if there is anything i can do, let me know

Paul [MooDoo]

On 5 June 2010 05:31, inode0 <inode0 at> wrote:

> First and foremost I'd like to thank all the people who gave their
> time to help the recent elections run smoothly.
> Paul for doing scheduling and other behind the scenes work. Larry for
> volunteering to do the questionnaires and Paul (the other Paul) for
> stepping into that role when Larry decided to run for a seat on the
> board. James, Neville, Susmit, and Robyn for volunteering their time
> and energy to moderate the town halls. I'm not quite sure who pitched
> in from infrastructure to handle the voting app but thanks to them as
> well.
> All the candidates. We know it takes a lot of time to answer all our
> questions and be available for town halls to answer more questions.
> While historically and again this election cycle turnout from the
> community at town halls was light as was the number of hits for the
> questionnaire, those of us who do read the answers provided by the
> candidates and who do come to the town halls to ask questions really
> appreciate this effort from the candidates. Thank you all.
> I've mostly enjoyed working on the elections the past few releases in
> one way or another. I'm off now to devote my time in other ways and
> would like to encourage anyone interested in helping make the next
> elections run smoothly to let us know. I'm happy to help whoever steps
> into this role with whatever bits of knowledge I've acquired over the
> past couple of years from my election mischief.
> John
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