Bad-mouthing and hostility

Tom "spot" Callaway tcallawa at
Wed Mar 10 14:52:11 UTC 2010

On 03/10/2010 09:48 AM, Matt Domsch wrote:
> We're complaining that we can't find 3 users of a single package to provide feedback.

To be fair, I would restate this as:

We cannot find 3 users of a package to:

* Independently know that an update needs to be tested (is sitting in
* Feel comfortable that they are qualified to test it
* Download and install the update that needs testing (this assumes they
know where to get it)
* Perform "testing" on that package, when this is loosely defined at best.
* Find the Bodhi page for this package update.
* Create a FAS account if they don't have one.
* Go back to the Bodhi page for this package update and figure out that
"Leave a Comment" means "give karma so this package can move from
updates-testing to updates".
* Leave a comment.

Gets even uglier when the package isn't an application. How does a user
know that a library is worth giving a karma vote on? "It installed." "My
computer didn't catch fire." "Linux still boots."


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