Candidate Questionnaire

susmit shannigrahi thinklinux.ssh at
Mon Nov 8 17:45:05 UTC 2010

> Just to be clear, the Fedora Board changed it by extending the
> nomination period leaving scant little time for anyone to collect
> questionnaires or schedule town halls since both of those activities
> block on knowing who the candidates are and really couldn't begin
> before today.
>>> Issues with this release's elections should
>>> get added to the retrospective page so that we can try to do better next time.
>> Absolutely!
> I have plenty of opinions about what went wrong and about how to fix
> it in the future but none of that helps extricate ourselves from the
> present mess. So what can we do right now?
> And then there is town hall scheduling. I would suggest that either
> one of the candidates or someone currently from each governance body
> step up to schedule those with the candidates ASAP. About all I'm
> willing and able to volunteer to do at this point is rounding up
> moderators for the town halls once there is a schedule.

I shall do the FAmSCo part later in the day.
Given that there are considerable geographical difference, we may have
to do two townhalls for FAmSCo. But that depends upon the candidates.

Let's see.




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