Group proposal: FEMA, the Fedora Election Management and Administration

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Wed Nov 17 20:09:26 UTC 2010

I'll just drop my 2cents here at the (current) end of thread: 

- I think it might be a bad idea to make up a body to oversee elections
  from groups that are having the elections where there could well be
  overlap at times. (ie, fesco member appointed to FEMA one cycle, then
  is running for re-election the next). It might be better to get folks
  who are NOT running for any elected position, or perhaps people who
  had served in the past on fesco/board/famsco, but aren't currently. 

- Many of these functions are just organizing, finding people to do
  specific tasks, scheduling, etc. A comittee seems like overkill.
  Perhaps the Board could appoint an "election czar" who does this.
  Perhaps appointing them right after the elections finish for the next

- Again I wish for a ical feed of "whats happening in fedora", so
  everyone could see deadlines and dates come up. I'm not sure that
  would have fixed issues this cycle, but it might have helped. 

Anyhow, good ideas, hopefully we can setup something to improve things
before next cycle. 

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