Fedora vision & more specific goals

Max Spevack mspevack at fedoraproject.org
Thu Nov 18 04:24:38 UTC 2010

On Wed, 17 Nov 2010, Máirín Duffy wrote:

>> The Fedora Project creates a world where
>>     * free culture is welcoming and widespread,
>>     * collaboration is commonplace, and
>>     * people control their content and devices.

Mo, I take you up on your challenge to brainstorm possible goals/ideas 
for Fedora in a design-thinking, don't shoot stuff down manner.

I'm only smart enough to think one level down, where we want to make 
sure that the actual smart people can do the three things you list in 
Fedora with minimal pain.

Here are some ideas.  Maybe some of these ideas become goals of my team 
next year, even.

* Identify the 20 most active projects on Fedora Hosted.  Look closely 
at those 20, and further identify 5 that have the most ability to 
on-ramp and mentor 1-5 new contributors each.  Help to find those 
contributors, either from somewhere in Fedora already or elsewhere, and 
turn them into successful developers working on new features.

* While doing the above, generalize the manner in which it was done so 
that others can try it on their own, in any project they so desire.

* Someone said this to me the other day, and I can't remember whom, 
sorry.  Speak up if you're the smart one.  The Fedora Board should meet 
face to face for a few days twice per year.  Those days should be 
organized in advance using FAD best practices, and they should be 
intensive working sessions where the Board lays out and advances most of 
its agenda for the coming chunk of time.  The Fedora Project has 
sufficient budget to enable this.

* Ensure that contributors project-wide (and not just Ambassadors) 
recognize that there is funding available to further their 
Fedora-related work, and further create a culture of permission by 
default by enabling people to responsibly use small amount of budget 
without first having to ask for permission.  Along the way, update and 
revise the processes for reimbursements globally.

* Have a full-fledged FUDCon in India, organized by local folks (RH 
and/or non-RH).  Attract at least 500 people to this event, and use it 
to try out at least 3 new ideas that could become permanent fixtures of 

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