[Ambassadors] Red Hat's investments (was Re: Going passive)

Jesse Keating jkeating at redhat.com
Wed Nov 24 18:42:35 UTC 2010

On 11/24/2010 06:49 AM, Robert 'Bob' Jensen wrote:
> As I said in anther email "be excellent to each other" is all we have
> to work with at this time. I guess an original idea was not available
> or thought unnecessary. Perhaps it is just a starting point that can
> be used to begin a dialog to create an alternative. So what is being
> excellent? First and foremost I would have honesty. No one likes to
> be lied to or lied about. Second tolerance, toward others that may
> have a different view than you, or may not say things the way you
> would. I know about this "tolerance" a fair bit, I don't see it shown
> very often. What else can we add to make some real guidelines that is
> not simply a movie quote "Be excellent to each other"?

"Be excellent to each other" came from the original policy of "Don't be
a jackass".  But some thought "Don't be a jackass" was too crass, and
thus an alternative was proposed, with a touch of humor.  Clearly that's
lost on many, and is too specific a cultural thing.

"Don't be a jackass" might be easier to understand.

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