Why attitudes matter

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at redhat.com
Fri Nov 26 09:36:15 UTC 2010

On Thursday, November 25, 2010 11:56:09 pm Máirín Duffy wrote:
> http://landorsplace.wordpress.com/2010/11/24/three-strikes-youre-out/
> How embarrassing this is for us! Whomever gave this poor soul attitude
> in #fedora may have caused the Fedora Design team to lose a promising
> new recruit as well!
> >:(
> This is why having a positive attitude (or at least some basic manners)
> matters. This is why we need to actually do something about it when
> folks cannot control their behavior on their own.

Sad story, loosing people even before they could make their own image/view of 
our community :(

Maybe I'm still influenced by training I've attended yesterday - project 
communication plan course. It's really alchemy to deal with people - especially 
the conflict between analytic (and primary pragmatic) people and sociable ones. 
Our community is built mostly from technical people - they understand facts but 
they usually don't have a good communication skills. They don't want (most of 
them) to hurt people. On the other hand - sociable people, who are more 
sensitive, should understand that they talk to completely different group, geeks. 
It's not excuse but it's just truth. We need more sociable people in our 
community - as environment forms your personality but you can never change 
people inside. Or I prefer not trying it - it sounds like social engineering and 
we're not computers (even history shown us - it's quite easy and reaaallly 

For the IRC problem - sometimes I have to route people from #fedora-kde to 
#fedora, as I (we) really don't have the skills to answer some questions (but we 
try to) and I don't feel good when doing so as I personally met some not very 
nice behaviour there. Question is - how to make it better? Silence people? No. 
We shouldn't to that. Or to find more ops? And take ops as the only people for 
authoritative responses? And I'm not saying banning (even I used it once) - more 
like - please, people, calm down - we're from different societies - you're both 
right, just try to chat with respect? But it's impossible to watch #fedora 24/7 

For flash player - it was discussion with not easy but acceptable technical 
solution and it should stop once the solution was known (but again - not by 
force but by commit to GIT).

PS: sorry for my libertarian (?) views - I think people have brains, have hearts 
and they should use it at least sometimes ;-) You have remote, you can shutdown 
TV set or not read bad f-d thread.


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