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I think it's also very difficult to have structured, effective mentoring
programs -- more difficult than folks think.  Seems to me that mentoring
happens for a lot of reasons -- similar goals, the just-right fit between
mentor and mentee... and it's great when it happens, but it's quite
difficult to replicate.  We've tried a number of times to try to get
mentoring programs off the ground, and I'm not really aware of any smashing
successes as a result.  Correct me if I'm wrong, though.


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> I think that mentors...
While I agree, mentorship also has a higher cost than documentation,
in terms of taking people away from doing productive work. I agree
that the return is *much* higher, both in having people able to make
meaningful contributions and (likely) the retention of those people as

However, that equation doesn't always enter people's minds (certainly
not mine unless I consciously make myself think about it like right
now), and they see short-term resource drain vs. long term gains.

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